Do You Suffer Sore Painful Feet? You May Need Custom Foot Orthotics

Are you looking for custom foot orthotics? Our team is pleased to offer custom orthotics, here at our clinic. Custom orthotics are individually made, three-dimensional inserts used with your everyday shoes in order to help reduce pain and discomfort caused by injuries to the lower limbs. If you are an avid runner, high-performance athlete, or just someone who wants to improve your quality of life, custom foot orthotics may provide you with the relief you are looking for.

Our Team May Recommend Foot Orthotics If:

  • You notice one side of your shoe wears more than the other
  • You suffer from frequent ankle sprains
  • You have chronic pain, lower back pain and/or knee and heel pain
  • Your feet toe-in or toe-out

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Foot orthotics are used to decrease high-pressure areas in the feet and to stabilize your foot alignment. Custom orthotics do not change the anatomy of your foot, and function only when you are standing or walking on them. Custom orthotics are most commonly used to relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis, metatarsal gia, neuromas, and many other foot and ankle injuries. They are highly recommended for individuals with diabetes, poor circulation, and arthritis. At Shephard Health, custom foot orthotics are used in conjunction with many of our wellness treatments, for total body care.

Foot orthotics are used to help people who suffer from back pain, pain in the hips or knees and arthritis-related pain. Your custom foot orthotics are tailored specifically for you, using a detailed analysis of the foot.

Custom orthotics help to restore the alignment and position of the bones, ligaments, and tendons in your feet and lower legs to ease pain and reduce stress on the feet.

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