Chiropractic is a specialty in medicine that deals with the musculoskeletal and neurological systems of the body.  Many people only associate chiropractors as “back doctors”,  while in fact,  chiropractic physicians deal with nearly all health concerns.  They help you by treating you as least invasive as possible.  Their schooling is very similar to that of medical doctors except chiropractors have less of a focus on pharmaceuticals.  The education length is approximately the same,  but chiropractic physicians to not participate with the post graduate residency program.  Chiropractors are very in tune with the human body and are extremely knowledgeable about illnesses conveying physical aspects.  Our bodies act as one unit from head to toe and it is crucial to understand how a flaw in our health in one specific area has an impact on other areas as well.  Working with the whole person instead of just their symptoms make a tremendous difference in outcomes.  Chiropractors in Illinois are recognized as Chiropractic Physicians and play a large role in primary care.  They spend an enormous amount of time with patients and pay close attention to detail,  which makes them very beneficial when it comes to health concerns.
There are many things that a chiropractic physician can help you with including:
    Sinus problems
    Weight loss
    Chronic diseases
    Strains and sprains
These were some of the many things that we can help you with.  Please come in and see us so we can treat you and help you manage your health issues.

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